Exclusive collection of children's apparels. It all started off with the birth of a baby girl..........

Once she was born, so was my inspiration.For several years ,I was making accessories and designing clothing for my daughter.Since then, I was asked nonstop about the brands and designers of my daughter's attire. After being asked several times whether they were for sale, I decided to sell them to those who asked. Eventually, I decided to expand my vision and start a business. Each and every Ninaji item is handmade with the best quality rhinestones , and has its own charm.Ninaji is a perfect way for your children to express their characters and personalities in an incredible style you can choose from headbands,dresses,shoes,pacifiers,and much more ! Every pre-made item will be posted online ,and special orders are more than welcome to suit your child's personality and outfit. Consider this your child's online personal boutique,and take your pick at now you would like to accentuate their style!